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A statement of the Ministry of Hajj through the Saudi Press

Date : 11 06 2013


His Excellency the Minister of Hajj Dr. / Bandar bin Mohammed Hajjar .. The Committee considered irregularities service pilgrims inside the problem, according to the the pilgrims home service system issued by the Royal Decree No. (M / 58) dated 10/28/1426. Costly in view of the violations and abuses that have been monitored in the pilgrimage season in 1433 AH. Has completed its work after it is released to the number (153) decision was as follows: -

First: Number (126) one hundred and twenty-six resolutions related to companies and institutions licensed service to meet the monitoring from regulators observations and complaints of pilgrims consequent fined number (68) and eight Stone Company Foundation sums ranged between (10,000) ten thousand riyals (50,000) fifty thousand riyals, the Committee also decided to commit a number of companies to compensate the affected pilgrims which Badr including palaces stated value of the services performed for them and vary the proportion of compensation (15%) (60%). His Excellency has confirmed that a number of these companies and institutions covered by more than one type of sanctions set forth above.

Secondly: With regard to campaigns is licensed and operating in violation of the service system pilgrims inside the Commission issued a number (27) decision included fined the organizers of these campaigns financially between the amount (15,000) fifteen thousand riyals to (100,000) one hundred thousand riyals by the size of the violation and what caused the damage and exceeded deportation to the death outside the Kingdom for a number of residents of the organizers of these campaigns. In accordance with the decision of the regime in Article (22) and referral number (16) issue to the competent authorities to complete and update some of the information and procedures before deciding which again at the time of the Committee.

Finally, the price of Ma'ale members of the Heaven's main committee considering the irregularities Service pilgrims inside the problem (and the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Hajj) and sub-committees represented in its members and the Secretariat of the Committee HE Assistant Undersecretary for pilgrims Mr. / Abdul Rahman Bin Ali النفيعي general supervisor Committee efforts to resolve unforeseen issues to the Commission.

His Excellency also praised the outstanding efforts of the Supervisory Board and the investigation and follow-up and monitoring committees of the Ministry of Hajj for its success in implementing programs for monitoring and surveillance for the service and comfort of guests House of God. The Minister stressed his commitment to the application of sanctions against violators and restore the rights of pilgrims prescribed to them.

 This has raised the Ma'aleh deepest thanks and appreciation to the wise leadership on what he took from the unremitting attention and follow-up of all that would comfort the pilgrims.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013


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