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HM the King Offers Condolences to Family of Late Hajja El Hamdaouia

Date : 05 04 2021
Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI sent a message of condolences and compassion to the family of late artist Hajja El Hamdaouia, who died on Monday at the age of 91.

In this message, the Sovereign affirmed that he was deeply moved and saddened to learn the passing of artist Hajja El Hamdaouia, may God have mercy on her soul and welcome her in his vast paradise.

In this painful circumstance, the will of God being unstoppable, His Majesty extended to the members of the deceased's family, her loved ones and fans, as well as the national artistic family, His heartfelt condolences and sincere compassion following the passing of the icon of the Moroccan art of Aïta, who has dedicated her life to the service of this centuries-old popular musical genre and has consolidated it over the decades as a component of the national cultural heritage thanks to her excellent performance, thus charming generations of lovers of this authentic Moroccan art, and spreading it at the national and international levels.

Affirming to share the feelings of the family following this painful loss which afflicted the national artistic scene as a whole, the Sovereign recalled with consideration the sincere feelings of love and loyalty that the deceased had for the glorious Alawite Throne, in addition to her staunch patriotism through the use of the art of Aïta, from an early age, as a means of resistance to colonialism, thus embodying her attachment to the unwavering values of the Nation.

His Majesty prayed that God grants the family of late Hajja El Hamdaouia patience and comfort, and to amply reward the deceased for her great contribution to art and for the loyal services she rendered to her homeland.


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