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Over 215,000 Syrian Refugees Receive Health Services In Moroccan Field Hospital

Date : 13 08 2013

The number of Syrian refugees who received medical and surgical services in the Moroccan field hospital in Zaatari camp, North-east of Jordan, reached 215.207 persons between Aug.10, 2012 and Aug.10, 2013.


According to statistics compiled by the hospital administration, the children were on the top of those who were extended health services with (101,713) children, followed by (60,570) women and (53,437) men.


Patients benefited from 305.606 medical services, with prescriptions reaching a total of 209.097. Meanwhile, 1.078 surgeries were conducted by the hospital staff who also treated 634 cases of war injuries.


As many as 52.816 emergency cases and 251 childbirths were referred to the hospital which also extended psychological support to 3.669 refugees.


Besides, the Moroccan hospital participates in campaigns for epidemics detection and control in the Zaatari camp.


According to Larbi Bouaâyti, epidemiologist in charge of the surveillance unit in the hospital, the campaign which deals with hepatitis "A" and diarrhoea targets mainly children under five. 


In a statement to MAP, Bouaâyti underlined that the Moroccan field hospital is a reference unit in the fight against contagious diseases in the Zaatari camp, adding that it works in coordination with UN High Commissioner of refugees (HCR) and the Jordanian health ministry.


The Moroccan field campaign hospital, located on the borders between Jordan and Syria, has a capacity of 60 beds. It is manned by 100 executives, including 32 doctors of 20 different specialities.




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