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Adoption of Resolution 2494 on Moroccan Sahara: Security Council Reaffirms Relevance of Moroccan Position (FM)

Date : 31 10 2019
Rabat - By adopting resolution 2494 on the Moroccan Sahara on Wednesday, the UN Security Council reaffirmed the relevance of the Moroccan position and reinforces the positive momentum and growing support for the fundamentals of this position, said, Thursday in Rabat, minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Nasser Bourita.

By this resolution, the Security Council, and through it the entire international community, underlines three important messages, the first of which concerns the round-table meetings process as the only framework for reaching a political solution to the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, Bourita said in a statement to the press on the sidelines of the meeting of the Committee of Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Islamic Affairs and Moroccan Expatriates at the House of Representatives, devoted to the consideration of the ministry's draft budget for the year 2020.

"I would remind you that the Geneva process is first and foremost a format involving all stakeholders, notably Algeria, which is called upon to assume a role commensurate with its responsibilities in this dispute. The round-table meetings process is then a mandate to achieve a realistic, practical and lasting political solution based on compromise, as specified in operational paragraph 2 of the resolution," he said.

"The round-table meetings process is, at last, a state of mind that should move away from sterile rhetoric and discard all outdated approaches and chimeric options," he stressed.

The second message of the resolution, Bourita went on to say, relates to the return of a 12-month extension of Minurso's mandate. "This is a strong signal of the Security Council's commitment to the serenity of the political process. It is also a consideration of the particular regional context that deserves more clarity and visibility so that the various actors are able to participate fully and responsibly in the search for the political solution," the minister said.

The third message of the resolution concerns the preservation and consolidation of Morocco's achievements, he added, noting that the resolution reaffirms, in particular, the pre-eminence of the autonomy Initiative, confirms the call for a census of the populations of the Tindouf camps and reiterates the injunctions to the "polisario" to refrain from any act of provocation that could destabilize the UN process.

In this way, he pointed out, the Security Council reaffirms the relevance of the Moroccan position and reinforces the positive momentum and growing support for the fundamentals of that position.

In this regard, Bourita noted that, on the occasion of the adoption of this resolution, which comes on the eve of the commemoration of the 44th anniversary of the Glorious Green March, the Kingdom of Morocco reiterates its commitment to the political process within the parameters defined by HM King Mohammed VI, notably: No solution apart from autonomy while respecting Morocco's sovereignty; No process without the full and responsible involvement of all stakeholders; No framework apart from that of the United Nations and No discussions on peripheral or instrumentalized issues.


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