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Announcement regarding the exemption from military service

Date : 26 05 2019

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Riyadh invites members of the Moroccan community residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who have received a notice to fill in the form of the census of the military service and who wish to apply for exemption, to the need to access the website dedicated to this process: www.tajnid.ma Allocated to them.

The Embassy would also like to inform those who wish to be exempt from military service to submit requests for exemption directly to the relevant local administrative authorities within the territory of the Kingdom of Morocco, either in person if their presence coincides with the census or through a member of their family.

To take advantage of the exemption, a file should be prepared containing the following documents:

1. Fill in the form of the census which was printed from the website.

2. The application for exemption after downloading it from the same site and filling it in handwriting and signing it.

3. A document proving the status of the person concerned (follow-up study or training, professional activity, residence ...)

The requests for exemption will be presented to the updated committees at the level of the workers and the provinces of the Kingdom to take the necessary decision thereon during meetings to be held for this purpose after the end of the period allocated to the census.


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