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HM the King, Commander of the Faithful, Chairs First Religious Lecture of Ramadan

Date : 10 05 2019
Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, accompanied by HRH Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, HRH Prince Moulay Rachid and HH Prince Moulay Ismail, chaired, on Friday at the Rabat Royal Palace, the first religious lecture of the holy month of Ramadan.

The lecture was given by minister of endowments and Islamic affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, under the theme "Investing the values of religion in the development model", drawing on the Quranic verse: "You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah". (Surat Al Imran).

The lecturer explained that the relationship between religion and morality is no longer viewed through a skeptical philosophical view, as the recent studies of this phenomenon stem from the fact that monotheist religions have their own references on the origin of good and evil.

What we mean by the values of religion is what is stated in the Holy Quran and in the Sunnah in terms of rulings and ethics, Toufiq underlined.

He also noted that the use of the values of religion in the development model is aimed at increasing the wealth of the nation and reducing the impact of poverty.

According to the lecturer, the concept of virtue is intended to set the life of Muslims on a permanent vigilance in order to carry out sustainable construction and fight all kinds of depravity and misconducts.

The lecturer pointed out that the Holy Quran forbids exploiting the weakness of people by multiplying the benefits of loans, in addition to monopoly.

The social ideal advocated by Prophet Sidna Mohammed (PBUH) is a universal model, Toufiq pointed out, recalling that in Europe in the eighteenth century, people protested against the privileges arising from the possession of the means of production.

According to Toufiq, modern scholars have argued that the Islamic system was more effective as long as the globalization of economies remains weak.

The prevailing perception among Muslims about the central role of the individual in religion has shown its limits, as the commitment of individuals remains weak in numerous cases because individuals are governed by the circumstances of the political and economic environment, he pointed out.

At the end of the lecture, HM the King was greeted by several foreign religious figures.



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