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HM The King Launches Three Solidarity-Based Projects For Women,

Date : 02 08 2013

جهة طنجة- تطوان.. جلالة الملك يعطي انطلاقة إنجاز ثلاثة مشاريع تضامنية لفائدة المرأة والشباب


HM King Mohammed VI launched, on Friday in Tangier, three solidarity-based projects to improve women's socio-economic conditions and youth's socio-educational and vocational integration.



Carried out by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity for an amount of 16.5 million dirhams, these projects consist of building two women training and competence reinforcement centers in Mesnana neighborhood (Tangier-Asilah prefecture) and Ksar Majaz (Fahs-Anjra province), and a youth socio-educational and competence development center in M'Ghougha neighborhood (Tangier-Asilah prefecture). 

 The women centers of Mesnana and Ksar Majaz are meant to support underprivileged women by providing them with diverse competences (cooking, dressmaking, embroidery, basketry, traditional weaving) to enable them secure stable income through income-generating activities.

 The centers will also offer literacy courses for female beneficiaries and contribute to the education and schooling of their kids aged under 5.

 The youth socio-educational and competence development center of M'Ghougha will facilitate young people's access to the multiple tools and means of social and vocational integration via training in income-generating jobs (aluminum carpentry, building electricity, computer) and the promotion of cultural, sports and association activity.

 The facility seeks to help young people blossom and socialize through activities that encourage commitment and assuming more responsibility.




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