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Inauguration of OCP projects in Jorf Lasfar: Resolute Royal will to foster Morocco's Leadership on Phosphate Global Market

Date : 02 10 2014


Jorf Lasfar - HM King Mohammed VI inaugurated, on Thursday at the Jorf Lasfar industrial complex, the terminal station of the slurry pipeline linking Khouribga to Jorf Lasfar, the first phosphoric acid plant supplied by phosphate pulp and a center for industrial competences totaling over 5.450 billion dirhams.


Initiated by the Sherifian Phosphate Office Group (OCP), these projects mirror the royal will to back the Group's innovative initiatives and industrial development, as well as its ecosystem and African partners in order to foster Morocco's leadership on phosphate global market.


The Khouribga-Jorf Lasfar slurry pipeline system (4.5 billion MAD) will revolutionize phosphate transportation and transform the Group's industrial value chain. 


38 million tons of phosphate will be transported towards the Jorf Lasfar development units. The chain's integration will double the mine's capacities and ensure flexibility for the production and logistical chain while decreasing the cost of phosphate carried to Jorf Lasfar by 45%.


This process will save nearly 3 million m3 of water yearly due to the preservation of the rock's natural moisture. The slurry pipeline will also impact positively the carbon footprint by cutting CO2 emissions by 930 Kt per year and saving 160,000 tons of fuel oil yearly.


The pipeline terminal station is meant to receive and store the transported phosphate pulp and distribute it afterwards to supply all Jorf Lasfar Hub development units as well as the phosphate filtration/drying unit for exportation.


It is composed of a "shock station" to reduce pulp pressure at the arrival, 8 tanks for pulp storage with a capacity of 5,500 m3 each, and a network to distribute pulp supplying Jorf Lasfar industrial platform. Built over a surface area of 6 hectares, the terminal station totaled around 800 million MAD and generated 530,000 days of work while the project was under way.


The OCP Group also constructed a new phosphoric acid plant supplied by phosphate pulp from the said terminal station.


With an annual capacity of 450,000 tons of phosphoric acid, the plant will increase acid production capacity and ensure a better production flexibility and an amelioration of input.


The new plant, worth 700 million dirhams, is made up of a tank for pulp storage, several units for pulp thickening, a reactor and four digesters, as well as gas cooling and scrubbing units.


The OCP industrial competences center in Jorf Lasfar will offer its collaborators, new recruits and subcontractors training in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and phosphoric processes. 


The center, which can receive up to 1200 trainee annually, is equipped with high-tech means (simulators, e-learning, equipped workshops, test beds) and meets international standards in terms of industrial training.



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