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Port Finance International to meet in Casablanca in September 2014 (15 to 16)

Date : 30 06 2014

The Moroccan port city of Casablanca will host next September a conference of Port Finance international.


Port Finance International, a platform and a community for senior industry experts and players to review, analyze and discuss the current market, holds conferences and training programs worldwide. It is also an online news service.


Morocco's equipment, transport and logistics, Aziz Rebbah has received recently Cathy HODGE, Director of Port Finance International (PFI), to discuss cooperation between the two sides and the upcoming conference.


The conference will examine development opportunities and the future of Morocco within the global maritime sector. Morocco was chosen for the 2014 PFI conference based on its strategic geographic position, its growth potential, and the strategies set up by its government to encourage investment.


Port Finance International conferences are held in port cities which are key to global maritime transport. These conferences aim at gathering decision-makers of the port sector, terminal operators, infrastructure developers and stakeholders in the logistic chain so as to identify factors and initiatives beneficial to the expansion of maritime transport.



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