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Press release: Morocco condemns the Israeli decision to build settlements in the occupied West Bank and Al-Quds-East.

Date : 07 06 2014

The Kingdom of Morocco condemns the Israeli Government’s decision to build settlements in the occupied West Bank and Al-Quds-East, in grave breach of the international legitimacy resolutions, which sabotages efforts to achieve an equitable and comprehensive political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


The Kingdom of Morocco considers that the obstinacy of Israel’s settlement policy, deepens the violations process against the Palestinian people, and draws attention to the dangerous nature of these decisions, these acts, and their outcomes, which are likely to hamper the peace efforts, since they illustrate a proven commitment to provocation and challenge to the international legitimacy-related-resolutions that prohibit any changes in the occupied territories.

Responding to this dangerous situation, the fact that Israel has continuously altered the realities on the ground in the occupied Palestine, Morocco calls upon the international community to assume its responsibilities in curbing the actions of the Israeli Government to undermine every opportunity for peace in the Middle East, by obliging it to stop the colonization and to respect the right of the Palestinian people to establish the State of Palestine, within the 1967 borders, with its Al-Quds as its Capital.




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