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HM the King Mohammed VI in Kalâa des Sraghna: social and environmental projects

Date : 29 01 2014


HM the King Mohammed VI in El Kalâa des Sraghna: social and environmental projects in line with local populations' expectations


El Kalâa des Sraghna - The city of El Kalâa des Sraghna had its basic infrastructure reinforced thanks to social and environmental projects initiated, on Wednesday, by HM King Mohammed VI and meant to improve the living conditions of local populations and back the province's demographic and urban development.


The sovereign launched the development works of the new urban center "Al Badr" and the construction of a wastewater treatment plant, and inaugurated the "El Marbouh" amusement park and social housing operations (140,000 MAD) "Arrajaa" in El Kalaa des Sraghna and "Errahma" in Tamellalete.


These projects seek to reinforce the city's attractiveness, improve the living conditions of local populations, meet the needs of middle classes and limited-income households in terms of housing and protect the environment.


The new urban center "Al Badr", located in the suburbs of the city of El Kalaa des Sraghna, is built over a surface area of 132 hectares. Worth 610 million dirhams, the project concerns the development of 3,330 housing plots (buildings, villas), including 274 rehousing plots, 96 plots for business activities, 24 plots for socio-economic equipment and 11 plots for public community-based equipment.


The project, carried out by Al-Omrane Group, includes also an environmental dimension as it provides for developing 14 hectares of parklands.


The new urban center "Al Badr" will ensure, in the years to come, a balanced urbanization capable of stopping the extension of shanty towns, decrease the pressure on the city of El Kalaa des Sraghna and satisfy the needs of all social segments, mainly average income groups.


The sovereign okayed the kick-off of the extension works of a 1.4 km-road linking the El Kalaa des Sraghna's downtown to the future center.


Totaling 10 million dirhams, the project is part of the city's global upgrading program (89 mln MAD).


Concerning the reinforcement of the El Kalaa des Sraghna city's housing offer, HM the King inaugurated the social housing operations (140,000 MAD) "Arrajaa" in El Kalaa des Sraghna and "Errahma" in Tamellalete, carried out by the Al Omrane Group for 72 million dirhams. The two operations concern 452 housing units and 18 shops.


The monarch also inaugurated the "El Marbouh" amusement park, constructed over 24 hectares and comprising a reception center, a multipurpose hall that can seat up to 500 people, four sport fields (tennis, mini-foot, basket ball), a swimming pool, a jogging track, and a playground. 


The park, built for an amount of 22.5 million MAD, offers the public a place for relaxation and entertainment.


As for the wastewater treatment plant, it falls within the framework of the national charter for environment and sustainable development. 


The plant, of bacterial-bed type with tertiary treatment by ultraviolet rays disinfection, is capable of producing 8,300 m3/day and is an integral part of the comprehensive program of El Kalaa des Sraghna's liquid sanitation infrastructure worth 190 million dirhams.


The program focuses on the rehabilitation and extension of the purification network notably through the installation of 28 km of pipelines, the construction of a sewage pumping station, the building of 1,400 connections to the purification network, and the establishment of four storm overflow pipes.





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