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Delegation from CDG in Riyadh seeking for new partnerships 

Date : 29 01 2014

Riyadh - A delegation from the Caisse de dépôt et de Gestion (CDG) conducted from January 26 to 28, a visit to Riyadh where it met with several Saudi economic and financial actors to explore new partnership opportunities.


During these meetings, the members of the delegation, including the managing director of the Caisse de dépôt et de gestion, Anas Alami Houir, presented to their interlocutors the different activities of the CDG group.


"Through this visit we seek to better know the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to meet the leaders of some institutions to present to them the CDG and examine the opportunities of partnership," said members of the delegation.


According to them, the CDG, as the first institutional investor in Morocco and a major operator in the national economy, which is involved in major strategic projects in Morocco, offers real opportunities for Saudi investors as it intervenes in various areas: savings management, insurance, banking, finance, and territorial development.


"We are looking for all possible partnerships. We have developed a real expertise in our professions, a know-how that could benefit our Saudi partners ", they said.


Regarding the partnership between CDG and Saudi operators, the members of the delegation cited as successful examples the participation of the Arab investment company in the capital of companies affiliated with the CDG as cellulose du Maroc group, and Maroc Leasing.


Another example of a successful partnership between Saudi and Moroccan operators is the one of Asma Invest company whose capital is shared equally between the Public Investment fund of Saudi Arabia and the Moroccan Treasury and whose objectives are:  promotion and financing of development projects, encouraging capital flows and their investment in viable projects, increased cooperation between investors and businessmen, trade development. 


This collaboration between the CDG and its Saudi partners is expected to know a new development, according to the members of the delegation.

In this regard, the CDG is currently examining with Asma Invest new partnership opportunities, they said noting that, furthermore, the cooperation with the Arab investment company will, also, witness a positive development.


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