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HM The King addresses Message to Moroccan Military Contingent Heading to Central African Republic

Date : 25 12 2013

Agadir - HM King Mohammed VI, supreme chief of the Royal armed forces "FAR" addressed a message to the Moroccan military contingent heading to the Central African Republic.


The royal message, read out, during a flag-handing over ceremony held at the chief of staff of the Southern zone, stresses that the decision to dispatch troops to take part in the UN Mission in Central Africa was inspired by "the duty of international solidarity" and the Sovereign's "esteem for missions of good offices deployed by the United Nations Organization in order to preserve security and peace in the world."


The Sovereign adds that the Moroccan contingent is a "contribution from the Kingdom of Morocco to the international community efforts to defend the lofty human universal values and support dialog, national reconciliation and development", calling the troops to remain "faithful to the spirit of sacrifice" and "attached to the values of the Moroccan army and its ancestral authenticity which are in harmony with the values of human rights, co-existence and solidarity between people".


"Our initiative, which reinforces the great and rich capital of our country in peace-keeping operations on the international scene, draws its foundations from our Islamic and civilizational traditions, which are deeply-rooted in history, and from our deep African belonging, as well as Our Majesty's historic commitment to the necessary international multilateral cooperation, with a view to guaranteeing international peace and security and preserving the national territorial unity of peoples".


The supreme chief of staff further notes that this mission will no doubt add a new page to the glorious pages written by previous contingents in various fronts such as Congo, Somalia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Haiti, and in the ongoing operations in Kosovo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cote d'Ivoire, confirming, thus, professionalism and the efficiency of Moroccan soldiers reputed for their great capacity to adapt to external environments in the total respect of international law.


HM the King called the troops to discharge their duty with dedication, deep determination, unshakable faith in the practice of responsibilities and a large capacity to act in the framework of the international community.



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