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Dr. Abdellah Benahnia, winner of the 2012 International Award in Educational Leadership in New Delhi

Dr. Abdellah Benahnia

Dr. Abdellah Benahnia, winner of the 2012 International Award in Educational Leadership in New Delhi, obtained his Doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction & Teaching Methods in higher education, with a minor in Foreign Language Teaching & Learning from West Virginia state University, Morgantown, USA. His doctoral dissertation is about The Educational Reform Policies in Morocco. He holds also an M.A. in TESOL/Linguistics (Double Major) from the same University.

Currently, he is working as the Director of the English Language Center at King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (wich is considered as the largest medical facility in the Middle-East). The Center, is serving the needs of over 7000 employees as far as language training is concerned.

Moreover, Dr. Benahnia, the graduate of West Virginia State University, won the above mentioned international award in recognition of his valuable and outstanding contribution to the process of improving higher education and the field of educational reforms via linguistic and literary works, as well as intercultural competence, in the form of scientific papers or presentations in various international conferences such as in the Middle-East contries, North America, Hong Kong and Istanbul.

He has also published books related to his field of work including "The Educational Reform Policies in Morocco: From Colonial Period to the Era of King Mohammed VI". Furthermore, he translated one of the most important works in the domain of administration: "Administrative Behavior" by Herbert A. Simon, a Nobel Prize winner.

Dr. Benahnia also worked as a Cultural Representative of Morocco with Walt Disney World in Florida, and he was selected by the Moroccan Embassy in Riyadh to represent the Moroccan Expats community at the Throne Ceremony, in the Royal Palace in Rabat,  on July 30, 2012.

Lately, Dr. Benahnia has been concentrating on issues related to educational strategic planning and international collaboration,  as well as encouraging international firms and organizations to invest in Morocco.

In addition to what is mentioned above, Dr. Benahnia contributes to many organizations and associations via his active membership such as:

Participant in FINCOME: Moroccan Association Of  Competences Abroad (Casablanca 2007).

Member & Representative of the Association: The Revival Of Ibn Youssef University in Marrakesh.

Active member in two associations for TESOL and ACTFL.

Active member in NECTL (National Council of Teachers of English).

Member of NEC (North East Conference).

Member of WVTA (West Virginia Teachers’ Association).

Active member in TESOL-ARABIA (United Arab Emirates).

Member of the West Virginia Association of American Arabs (WVAAA).


Dr. Abdullah Benahnia

Director. English Language Center & Consultant

Po. Box 233, Riyadh 11391

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mobile : +966 554011077

Email : abdul14v2@yahoo.com

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