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Request a permit to deport a corpse to Morocco

A permit to deport the corpse to Morocco is received by the consular services of the embassy, ​​upon approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad in the Kingdom of Morocco. For this purpose, an application must be submitted to the consular services of the embassy. (The application form is withdrawn from the embassy)

The documents attached to the deportation request

1. The medical report of death sealed by the hospital and signed by the attending physician, clearly showing the identity of the deceased and the cause of death.

2. The national card and passport of the original people of the deceased.

3. A copy of the death notification addressed to the Saudi Civil Affairs if any.

4. A copy of the death certificate delivered from the Civil Status, if any.

5. A copy of the deceased's residence card, if any.

6. A commitment or letter from the insurance to cover the costs of deportation.

7. The identity card of the person in charge of deportation procedures.

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