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Request the family book

The family book is an official document proving the existence of family ties between the various people who form a family. The family book is delivered by the consular services of the embassy to the Moroccan husband who is registered in the civil status records kept by it.

If the applicant of the family record application was born abroad and settled permanently in Morocco upon submitting the application to obtain the aforementioned notebook, the civil status officer of his place of residence shall issue the family book for his benefit.

The required documents

1. “Family Book Application”, filled out and signed (to be withdrawn from the embassy)

2. A copy of the applicant's national card;

3. A copy of the wife's national identification card;

4. The Moroccan marriage contract or foreign marriage contract ratified by the Moroccan authorities or attached to the appendix in the executive form of one of the Moroccan courts (original + copy);

5. For the Moroccan wife: a full copy of the birth certificate with the inclusion of the marriage statement

6. For the foreign wife: the full copy of the birth certificate, with the necessity to mention the father's name and the mother's name + translation into Arabic or French

7. A copy of the foreign wife's identity card and her passport.

8. A copy of the spouses' residency card if any.


If the applicant is divorced and has children from his wife, a copy of the first marriage contract and a copy of the divorce ruling must be submitted in order to add the divorcee to the family book, which is a mandatory procedure to add her children to the same family book.

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