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The documents needed to renew or issue the national

The national electronic identification card is an official document that provides proof of identity for any Moroccan citizen and proof of his Moroccan nationality, as long as it is valid and valid.

The national electronic identification card is mandatory for all 16-year-old citizens.

Minors over the age of 12 years, in the event of a passport request, must obtain an electronic national identification card, under the same procedures and conditions as adults.

The request for the issuance or renewal of the national electronic identification card is submitted by the owner of the card personally against a dated receipt, at the consular services of the Moroccan embassy in Riyadh if he resides in one of the cities belonging to the consular account of the embassy. If the applicant is a minor, his guardian must be present with him.

The required documents

A consular registration certificate, including an indication of the applicant's national address (see consular registration)

For the first time application for the card: a copy of the increase contract in Arabic and Latin characters, with a validity of no more than 6 months.

As for renewal, the original national card must be presented.

Two recent personal photos, on a light blue background

Providing a peer or a certified copy of the document according to which the Moroccan nationality is granted for children born to a foreign father and a Moroccan mother before April 2, 2007, and a complete copy of the birth certificate.

White A4 size envelope


The consular authorities can request additional documents that they think are necessary to verify the identity or from some of the applicant's data, and they can reject any document that does not meet the required legal standards.

For a minor over the age of 12 years, the personal presence of both the minor and his guardian.

- In the event that some doubts arise about the applicant's Moroccan nationality, the consular services may request the testimony of the Muslim nationality to be given by the competent Moroccan courts.

- In the event of loss or theft, the concerned person shall issue a statement or acknowledgment of the loss

- In the event of amending the personal name, family name or date of increase, or correcting the place of birth or the number of the increase contract in civil status or lineage, administrative or judicial documents that justify these amendments must be submitted.

Withdrawing the electronic national identification card

The electronic national identification card is withdrawn by the person concerned personally, or by the legal guardian (father or mother for the minor with the presence of this latter)

Giving a voucher for depositing the national card file is mandatory to withdraw it. If this receipt is lost, a loss declaration must be issued, certified by the consular services of the embassy.

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